Friday, June 9, 2017

Jimmy Stewart and Roxanne Have Cardio Echos June 2017

Jimmy Stewart and Roxanne saw the cardiologist today.

Jimmy was last seen in 2014, a checkup prior to having dental surgery to check his heart to see if he could have surgery.  He was fine then and he is fine now. Since he has been ill recently and seems to have trouble keeping on weight, it was a good time to have a recheck and rule out any heart issues.
Luckily, there are none.

Roxanne will continue to see the cardiologist annually to monitor her heart. She saw the cardiologist last October and the cardiologist saw some mild spots of thickening in the left vent. Those spots are still there but have not changed nor have any new spots of thickened areas emerged. We will continue to monitor her heart and her overall health and watch for symptoms. For now, all is normal.

They were both really good at the vet. Roxanne, despite giving her Cerenia (which helps combat motion sickness and vomiting) at noon-about 20 min. before we left-vomited in the car after being in the car for 15 min. The car ride was 35 min. She did not vomit coming home. Jimmy only hissed at the technician a couple of times but his hisses are never really loud or threatening. Unless he's really mad.

Here are the vet's notes:

"Roxanne's echocardiogram is unchanged in comparison to her initisal study...mild thickening of a cople of regions in her left ventricle...likely unrelated to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy given the lack of progression..."

For Jimmy-the good news is that his blood pressure is normal at 118. It was 150 at the regular vet's back in April when he was sick. 

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