Saturday, September 17, 2016

Roxy and Our House of Cats-A Slow Introduction of the New Cat to Our Home

So, Rox and the cats are getting along well. They've begun slowly mixing this week. She toured the house with us and mixed with the cats earlier in the week. We were worried about Jimmy because he kept hissing and following her. But today, doors are opened downstairs and all the cats are mingling freely all day. There has been slight hissing but nothing so far that has blown out of control. Jimmy did insist on sharing an opened window with Rox but she disagreed and hissed, swiped, and then moved to a new window. (Jimmy stared her down and said "I'm not leaving.") The only one still segregated is Baby because she's been upstairs for a year now, rarely venturing downstairs even though all the doors upstairs are opened. The only door closed is the one between the hallway and living room so that Katharine can't get upstairs (because Baby and Katharine fight all the time.)
My only concern: Roxy has been very anxious this week and demanding to go out more and for longer periods of time. And when out, she disappears for hours, even when called. It's been hard keeping her in because she gets into all of my desk papers, causes a commotion to get my attention to let her out or because it's a nervous tic. Or she goes to the door and paws and cries frantically. At one point yesterday, I gave up and let her out, at which point she ran off and didn't come back for two hours.
So, I've decided she may need medication to help ease any anxiety. I can't imagine letting her out in winter and she is supposed to get over bartonella by staying in and being flea free (even though she's on Revolution, she can still pick up flea mess.) Starting today, I'm giving her a small 1/8 ish or less dose of Valium twice a day. I tried this before earlier in the summer, during a storm. Too little, and she's fine and at ease. Too much, and she's frantic. Today, 1/8 or less was enough to seemingly put her at ease. She needs to be comfortable enough to use the litter box-which is one reason she frantically wants outside. And comfortable enough that she doesn't feel confined; and comfortable enough to become used to her confinement.
Today, it's raining so, while she may want out, I can point and say-"But it's raining. No going out today."

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