Saturday, September 17, 2016

Roxanne Gets More Updated Shots; Needs More Later; Gingivitis Linked to Bartonella

September 2, 2016

Roxanne saw the vet for her leukemia and rabies shot. She is responding well to antibiotics for bartonella. So well, that the slight gingivitis the vet thought was due to lack of brushing of the teeth, has all but disappeared. Bartonella causes the appearance of gingivitis by causing the gums to swell. That the gums have decreased, means that her swollen gums were a sign of bartonella and not gingivitis. She returns in a month for a second leukemia and distemper shot to replicate the series she would have received as a kitten because we do not have any vaccination records for her. Next year, she'll get all three again (rabies, leukemia, distemper); then the following year distemper will be every three years. And as long as she goes outside, she will need an annual leukemia shot along with annual rabies. And since I've not heard back in two weeks from her so called owner, even after I informed her that Rox had bartonella and tapeworms and needed meds, I decided to microchip Rox. At least this way, her vet is listed and my contact information is listed.

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