Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bats-They Are NOT Cat Toys

(Facebook 8/12/16)

Read this morning on the neighborhood Facebook page a post by a cat owner who said her cat's been chasing and killing (biting) bats that keep getting into her house through whatever access points they have. She wanted to know what to do with the bat issue. She made light of the fact the cat was attacking the bats ("felt sorry for the bat"). WHAT?????!!!!! Cats should NOT bite, eat, chase, play with or touch bats. Even with an annual rabies shot, cats that have come into contact with a bat must get further rabies treatment because they can still get rabies (same with dogs. I don't know why but that's what vets recommend.) The bat should be tested by the local health dept. (whatever process your county or state has set up) for rabies. And then your house needs to be sealed off from bats and the bats chased out by a competent critter control company (they should be able to chase them out as well as seal off all points.) Bats and our pets (and houses) don't mix. It's not safe. Take all precautions.

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