Friday, January 29, 2016

HCM Cats Need to Drink a lot of Water

Your HCM cat on diuretics will need to drink a lot of water, and will want to drink a lot of water. You should provide more than one bowl, and maybe one large bowl where they normally drink and a smaller one where they spend a lot of time (bedroom for example.) Your cat on diuretics will be urinating often. You should increase the litter boxes and think about adding one where it's most convenient such as a bedroom. The boxes will need to be scooped often so that the cat is comfortable using the box. If the cat is not drinking enough, try bottled water (gallon jugs are less expensive than individual bottles) for a fresher taste. If the cat isn't drinking enough, gently give the cat 3-6ml of water by mouth every 3 hours over the course of a day; add water to the wet food for an additional source.

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