Friday, September 18, 2015

COQ10-Necessary but Use Cautiously and Watch for Interactions with Other Meds

A question came up about COQ10. This is a substance found in the body and necessary for heart function. It is believed one should take a supplement in order to provide the heart with more of the substance to improve heart function, and because some meds may interfere with the body's use of COQ10. 

We gave it to Myrna beginning in 2010 and within weeks, her heart size deceased by some tenths and she seemed healthier in general. I would pierce and squeeze and mix a 100mg into her food once a day. As of 2014, I added it to her kidney support vitamin mixture. 

I don't know if it ever interfered with her meds. Her blood sugar was normal. Her blood pressure was only influenced by her heart attack in 2013 (three years after being on COQ10 and Plavix at the same time.) I believe Pepcid which she was on since September, may have interfered with Plavix (which unfortunately we had to give due to the stomach acid I was not able to control with other things such as bicarb/club soda or vinegar) because of the numerous clots she experienced this past year. 

Some articles such as this Mayo Clinic article states that COQ10 may interfere with every medication on earth. And yet articles such as the Wikipedia post state that there is a need for supplementation of COQ10. I believe in giving it and highly recommend it. We use Nature Made. 

Begin with 50-100mg per day and watch your cat for any negative interactions which you may see in blood work or in heart rate or blood pressure. Always proceed with caution with anything that you give. After all, even electrolytes-natural and necessary for any body-can be too high or too low and cause negative interactions or changes in the body. 

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