Tuesday, July 14, 2015

This is the Summer of the Feline HCM Stomach Ulcers and Clots for Myrna

Myrna had a rough Sunday. It could be another clot to the stomach artery. She wasn't eating all day on her own even after 1/2 tab of Mirtazapine. I continued to feed her by mouth. But she vomited up her six p.m meds and the 6ml of food by mouth about 6:15 p.m. I tried to give her Pepcid and Cerenia to settle her stomach at 6:30 but she vomited that quickly. I waited until after 7 p.m. and readministered all of her six p.m. meds along with 1mg of Valium. I did not try the stomach meds again. The Valium helped settle her body and she kept down her meds. She also later ate regular food and continued to eat treats overnight. 

She was worn out Monday morning but keeping down.  This is a difficult period because if she won't eat or keep down food, then she grows weak, loses nutrients. If she can't keep down kidney support supplements then her kidneys may fail to handle the diuretic. If that happens, then CHF will continue and can get worse. If she can't keep down her meds, then her heart gets worse.

She vomited at 8 a.m. after her 6 a.m. meds today-Tuesday.  But at 10 a.m. she ate treats.  I did not redo the meds except the Torsemide so that congestion doesn't occur.

The past two summers have been difficult for her because of the weather which caused increased congestion. This year we have been able to regulate air quality in the house with portable AC units and fans strategically placed, and severely limit open window access unless air quality is perfect (using our portable, hand held temp/humidity monitors which we sit in the window.) This summer's problem is her stomach and clots and/or ulcers. Just when I thought I had solved all of her problems, another comes along. And that has proven to be the case with her medical history all along-solve one problem and another surfaces. All we can do is keep trying to solve the medical puzzles and continue to fight the beasts we know.

By the way, Valium is a great drug to have on hand to give your cat. Calms the cat, calms the cat when in pain or stress, or after vomiting. While Myrna is on it as a daily dose for litter box use (it's the only safe drug cats can use if they are also taking Plavix) giving her extra as needed has really worked well. If you can get any to have on hand, get a 2mg tablet, cut into quarters and give one quarter to your cat for these difficult issues. Give one quarter every four hours as needed, if needed.

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