Thursday, April 9, 2015

Vapors From Products Hurt HCM Cats-Limit the Use In the Home

Don't use products in your home that have strong odors-stains, turpentine, mineral spirits, regular paints, etc.   Not even with windows opened and fans going.  The vapors are too strong for your HCM cat to breathe in.   Even spray paints, stop leaks, etc. are too strong. 

Use them outdoors on items and then let the item stay outside until the object has gassed off.  And this could take days.   Or if needed indoors, just don't use it at all.  Or find a low VOC item if possible and have fans running and windows cracked and make sure the cat is in another room for days until the odors have decreased.  

Yes, I made the mistake today of trying a product that wasn't suppose to smell but did; yes I ran fans, cracked windows, and kept Myrna upstairs. yes it still stinks; yes she's fine; yes I'm kicking myself for not being more careful; yes it was dumb; no I won't do it again.  

(Thursday) It's better today although the basement smell-where the item was used-still smells strongly. The house doesn't "smell" but my throat is clogged so the vapors are still around. She and I are both sensitive. She's fine today and I've had her upstairs since yesterday. She's not closed up any longer in our room-which didn't get the smell-and she has the run of the upstairs. But the kitchen, which is over the basement and the stairs to the basement are off the kitchen and there's no door, still stinks.

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