Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 23 Feline HCM Cardio Visit with Myrna Loy

Sunday, March 22, we celebrated the sixth birthday of Myrna Loy and her five siblings!  She's outlived all predictions so far even as the disease progresses.  The continued use of vitamins and supplements-to improve kidney and heart and body function-and all the meds, have enabled her body to continue handling the disease.  She's had a decent two weeks since the March 9 visit.

Today's (March 23)
Happy Birthday Myrna Loy!
cardio visit-no CHF, no charge, and toys for their birthday!! Will return next week for recheck.

The plan prior to today's visit:  She has been breathing well at 28 per minute. BUT she's slowed down-which has been the two week pattern; her eating was slightly off this weekend but then this morning she ate very well. BUT if I hold off until Thursday to see the cardio-which was the plan-that's two days she couldn't see the cardio if she needed to (because her cardio's not in the office) and a total of three days until she did see her. What if by then she's in distress and more than 2oz of fluid needs to be removed?  In April, her cardio will be in the local office one day a week, which means in April she can see her cardio Monday in Novi, Tuesday in Ann Arbor, (the other cardio will be in the Novi office on Wednesdays) and Thursday and Friday in Novi. SO-if we needed to see one of the cardios during the week, if I push back Myrna's future two week visits by a day or two or so, I won't be as concerned/worried about not having access to her cardio. 

SO-I will take her today and in the future will feel free to push back her dates if I feel she doesn't need to see the cardio. Besides, if she's doing as well as I think, they will only need to remove 2 oz of fluid again, so we will know if she's doing well with 2oz or if she possibly has more in her but doing well/tolerating it well. Tolerating it well is great but I don't want fluid building up and then suddenly there's a problem. Her threshold could be shorter for toleration than we know. And I don't care to find out at this time what that threshold is.

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