Monday, September 1, 2014

Myrna's Kidney Values Increase-Need to Address Supplements Pros and Cons

Facebook post from July 13-an update on Myrna's blood values:

Myrna's blood chemistry glucose, sodium, and magnesium levels were up high. Aside from trying to control sodium, which is in everything, I don't know how to control for magnesium. And I couldn't figure out the glucose because she isn't getting sweetened condensed milk or anything that has significant sugar in it. But then I read the label for the Petco vitamin paste. Her glucose has never been an issue until now. It may be high now due to kidney disease-the kidneys cannot process sufficiently. There are three sources of sugar in the ingredients and all are listed first: corn syrup, malt syrup, cane molasses. The calorie content is 25 calories per tsp or 6 grams. I think it's from the sugar. And I think I need to find a new vitamin paste.

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