Monday, September 1, 2014

Hypervitaminosis and Cats

Hypervitaminosis is getting too much of a vitamin or mineral in your body in such levels that it becomes a toxin in your body. The same can happen to our cats. While HCM cats need support to help the heart, help to support the blood, cell energy, muscles, and nerves of a weakened body, and need help replacing electrolytes lost due to the use of meds, we must be careful that we don't overdue it when giving vitamin supplements. Read the labels for all ingrediants. Try to give vitamins that are made up of one item and that don't include an assortment of other vitamins and minerals. Try not to repeat giving the same item in more than one source. Avoid overdoing vitamins A and D because they can be toxic to the liver for both animals and humans if given in high quantities; they affect other processes of the body and may result in having levels of and issues with the high levels. For cats on lasix, potassium can be given by a variety of sources-pills, multiple vitamin mixes, food. It's the one that gets depleted the most.

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