Monday, September 1, 2014

HCM Cats Taking Lasix Need Lots of Water-Use Larger Bowls

From June 28 Facebook post:

When your cat takes lasix to get rid of fluid, guess what it will do? Drink-and drink-and drink some more. If you look up excessive drinking of water, you'll find it's called polydipsia. And when you read what is the cause, you'll see a list of diseases such as kidney or hyperthyroidism. And then you'll worry. But have no fear! Lasix makes your cats drink because lasix is making your cat excrete. And it will urinate a lot or often. And when you look that up, it's called polyuria. And that is often due to...kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, etc. Except that YOUR cat is taking lasix, which causes it to drink a lot of water, which of course will lead it to urinate often. So, when to worry? When the kidney values show a severe decline in kidney function. But for now, don't worry. Just provide your cat with a very large bowl of fresh water. We have four bowls around the house for the cats. Because now two cats are taking lasix and drink the bowls dry, we have switched two bowls to serving bowl size and I'm using a large mixing bowl for a third,while one bowl in a bedroom is still a cereal bowl. 

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