Monday, September 1, 2014

Feline Heart Patients-Heart Size Might Matter and Potassium Support in the ER May Be Key

Coopers heart left atrial went from 1.9 in May to 2.3 with Friday's echo. That's a large jump in a short time. In comparison, in March, Myrna's left atrial was 2.2. I do not have any notes on what it was in June although I do know the cardio said it was stable. She sees the cardio again in September and we'll see how things are then.

Coopers potassium level in July was 3.6-low but decent. It was about the same Friday but tanked hours later in the ER to 2.4. Perhaps a lack of potassium support in the ER (doesn't seem to be noted in chart records which I obtained unless I missed it) and not having had his daily doses of potassium pills and sweet potatoes since Thursday is the key to why the kidneys could not function well enough to get rid of congestion on Saturday. Yet he was still urinating large amounts in the ER. But something was causing the fluid to not leave his lungs. Low blood pressure-which is why he was on dopbutamine-is also a clue. I'm not sure I can solve the puzzle. Vets assume the kidneys hit a tolerance to diuretics and can do no more. But potassium support in the ER seems necessary if potassium declines.

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