Friday, May 23, 2014

House of Sick Cats This Week

Currently trending in our house: two cats with heart disease needing extra lasix.  Myrna's breathing rate was up due to storms earlier in the week and she needed extra lasix.  Cooper needed extra lasix and an injection almost every day since Sunday night (May 18).  His breathing rate was 15/15, then 10/15, and by 9 p.m. 8/15.   But then the next day the rate climbed up and we could never get it to come down to 8/15 or lower.  He saw the cardiologist on Thursday and was caged with oxygen and given IV lasix for five hours.  He's better, breathing at 8/15 today.  Jimmy Stewart has had diarrhea since Saturday. First once, then twice a day, then four times on Tuesday.   I sequestered him in the smaller bedroom on Tuesday because he was a mess and I had to keep cleaning him.  I called the vet and got Metronidazole antibiotics and didn't need to take him in because they were booked today.  He may have had a fever although he has been eating well and had no vomiting.  He responded quickly to the meds and the diarrhea stopped by Wednesday.  We will finish his course of antibiotics.  Katharine came down with diarrhea Thursday, yesterday, before seeing the cardiologist.  They took her temp, found she had a fever, assumed it was what Jimmy had, and called and got antibiotics from the regular vet.  She's also responded well.  

And we've had Myrna, Jimmy, and possibly Baby not use the litter box a few times this week. I hope Jimmy's issue resolves as the antibiotics work; Myrna may need a Valium adjustment or Methigel; and I'm not sure what's up with Baby. I'll keep an eye on all of them. We'll work more with Jimmy on litterbox training and behavioral methods again, and I've increased his Prozac a tad to .122. 

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