Thursday, March 27, 2014

Myrna Has a Cardio Check-up Since Last Month When She Had Congestion, Low BP, High Heart Beat

Let's review Myrna's checkup first: She's great! Clear of congestion she had a month ago when we had to give extra lasix and two shots in February. BUN is up to 41 and creatinine up to 3.6 but the vet's not concerned. It was inevitable that we'd see these go up after five years and a lot of lasix (56mg a day.) But it does not indicate kidney disease/failure. There's more to look at than the BUN/creatinine. She concentrates urine, urinates frequently and large amounts, and all other blood values in the CBC/chem panel blood test are in normal range. Her blood pressure is normal at 128, up from around 90 that she was in Feb. (It had been 90 which is very low in September due to a heart attack and took weeks to come close to normal before it dropped again in February.) Her heart rate, which had been around 160, is now 150 and the vet is happy with that. Her left atrial valve is actually smaller by 2 tenths: 2.45 to no 2.2. Hey, any good change is a GOOD change! We'll take what we are given and rejoice.

Here are the doctor's notes:

"Myrna had a good evaluation today.  Her radiographs did not reveal any congestion in her lungs or evidence of impeding congestive heart failure.  The echocardiogram revealed stable parameters with the exception of her left atrial dimension, which as decreased slightly from 2.45cm to 2.20cm since February. Her blood pressure was 128mmHg today.  I could not be more pleased with today's finding.  I do not recommend any changes in her therapy." 

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