Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cooper Finally Came Up from the Basement Hiding Place

Update on Cooper: canceled visit to the vet because we couldn't get Cooper, only to have him finally come down from the pipes and upstairs to the kitchen about 4:30 (apt. was at 5 p.m.) Decided it's best to let him rest and instead, to try to get him to eat. Called vet and asked and received an appetite stimulant pill that we can give him which lasts for three days.  We gave it to him plus 3ml of club soda and 3ml of water. He seemed to want to eat almost immediately and has had a few bites of food. He eats small amounts and leaves and then comes back for a couple more bites. We have the other cats shut out of the kitchen so that he can eat uninterrupted. If I can check his gums and skin for signs of dehydration, then I can determine whether he needs to see the vet or not. I'll try that later. But for now, no more trips in the car.

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