Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014-Good Riddance to 2013 a Very Difficult Year for Myrna Loy

For those who have been reading this page since before September, you'll know that 2013 was an awful year for Myrna Loy. She began the year with a great increase in heart size, had breathing issues Jan-March; then congestion in June which led to injections in July which led to a rash which became pus filled lesions which led to antibiotics which led to gastro upset which led to a suspension of all injections and the antibiotics when we said ENOUGH! We continued with her regular meds, changed and increased the dosage of lasix pills, and let her recover in August. But in September she had a heart attack which was caused by a clot that now sits in her heart. She's been recovering from the attack October-December and seems to be doing very well. Back in June and then in September I wasn't sure where we would be with her by now. I had short term goals for her: get her through the summer, then get her post attack to the end of the year. And here we are-January 1, 2014 and as of 2:03 a.m. EST in the US, she is alive and well-even as her heart remains about 3x or so the size of a normal heart, with a clot still in it. She's energetic, vocal, active, engaged, etc. We'll know more next week after her cardio check-up.

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