Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How to Freeze Bananas to Use as a Supplement in Cat's Food to Boost Potassium or to Use as a Fiber Source

As I've reported before, bananas are a good source of easy potassium for cats (and humans) in need of potassium; as well as a good source of fiber if they have upset stomachs. But as we found this summer when giving Myrna bananas for her gastro issues (lesions, antibiotics, etc. in July) bananas spoil easily once peeled, or if placed in the frig. They spoiled less if partly unpeeled and placed in a plastic bag and set in the cool spot on the counter. But still, there was spoilage. This time Myrna needs bananas as a source of potassium to boost her potassium blood levels (along with the supplement she already receives.) It dawned on me to try to freeze small pieces of banana, the size I need each day, by breaking up a banana into small pieces, and freezing them in one bag. Well, that works to prevent spoilage but how easy would it be to use each day? Very easy actually. If you sort of separate them in the bag before you freeze them, once frozen it's easier to break off a piece when you need one. Set it out while you prepare everything else and in just a couple minutes, the piece has softened well enough and can be mixed into the food or fed directly to the cat.

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