Sunday, September 15, 2013

How Difficult It Is To Face the Cat's Increased Illness News

I wrote about this a few months ago when she had significant heart growth: Someday Myrna will die. I've known that since she was first diagnosed. But I also knew that I could fight off the progression and that at the time, she-while seriously ill-was actually, after recovering from the first CHF (which took about a month), very young (8 months) and very strong and was not seriously damaged. So, since Dec. 2009, I've read, researched, gathered information, studied the chemistry makeup of drugs, how they work, what is contraindicated with what, what are signs/symptoms of the disease, how does the body function, how are the parts interrelated, what are the different blood chemistry values and how are they interrelated, and medical terms and processes, and what does every little twitch/blip/movement/pause/stare, etc. that made a significant and noteworthy moment in Myrna's behavior, mean in relation to the disease. And still, this spring I had to come to the conclusion that there is nothing else for me to read that will help me improve her care. I've done it. That's why she's alive. But that fucking disease has decided to play catch up this year. So, I can only keep doing what I've done that counts now: accurate dosing of meds; keeping up the schedule; keeping her cool/warm and calm; not leaving for long periods of time alone; not letting the others fight with her; not letting her play too hard; giving her vitamins and supplements; and watching her every movement and wondering what does it means. Attention to all the details will help Myrna the most and will help you take better care of your cats. You do need to understand all of the above that I mentioned because it will help you understand the vet, the information you receive, the disease, and why things are as they are and why the cat needs what the cats needs, and all that the cat does need to fight the progression of the disease. And the fight is worth it. I love her very much and she is so adorable, cute, and funny, and a character. (I need to finish her videos to show you.) My goal was to see her through the summer. Now it is to see her through to the end of the year when it will be four years since this began. Then my goal is to see her through to her fifth birthday. And then...While the end is inevitable, the finish line doesn't have to be in sight yet.

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