Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Baby It's Hot Outside-Heat, Humidity, Storms, and Reasons and Means to Keep HCM Cats Cool

Not too hot, not too cold. HCM cats must be just right.

It's hot weather season again. Need to make sure our HCM cats are kept cool but not too cold. HCM cats can't handle heat and humidity. In general, the heart is too weak to handle the stress of changes in weather-fighting to keep a body cool or warm; and breathing will become difficult-as it does for humans-in humidity. Opening windows is fine as long as hot or humid air is not coming in. Use fans or AC units. Also pull shades. Dark rooms are often cooler. We don't have AC so we are using a series of window fans and portable and window AC units to keep the house cool and air moving. Myrna and the other cats at this time of the year also live under the furniture and in the shade in the rooms. Our oldest, Baby, has spent most of the last three days in the basement where it feels about 20 degrees cooler. If only I could get Myrna to live in the basement but no, she prefers to be somewhat more social.

If you've been through storms this week, or will be, good luck handling your HCM cat. If possible, close windows and shades, so the cat doesn't see the lightening; maybe move the cat to the basement or first floor where the storm may not be heard as much as upstairs; if possible, distract the cat with treats if the storm is very loud. If a huge storm or tornado is in the area, you might want to place the cat in the cat carrier. It's a contained, controlled environment that you can cover or place in a closet to not only keep the cat safe but try to keep it calm.
Myrna (left) and her much larger and older sibling Cooper (not related by blood) doing what they love at night-looking out at bugs and wildlife.

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