Saturday, April 6, 2013

Myrna Loy Update: Issue with Gel Caps and Cold Weather

Myrna has spent part of this week developing and getting over what I think was congestion brought on by possible cold weather she experienced when the windows were opened for a few minutes a couple of days earlier this week. It was in the 40s and sunny but it may have been too much since her heart has gotten bigger. She seemed fine Tues; Wed. she was tired but breathing fine but in the evening wasn't very active. Thursday a.m. she seemed labored so I have her extra lasix. This seemed to help and after her lunchtime lasix, she returned to being alert and energetic. But her breathing was still at 40-42. But today, she's back to 32-40 which has been her normal since about December. So, keep those windows closed until it's warmer!

After a month of using gel caps to pill Myrna, she has been vomiting up food-with some hair-about once or twice a week for most of the past month. Will need to suspend the use to see if she stops vomiting. Will begin tomorrow and go without for a week and see what happens. She recovers quickly so it's not that she's ill. But she could be allergic to the bovine produced gel source.
Five of seven in windows; Myrna's on the radiator. Too cold?

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