Saturday, February 23, 2013

Update on Myrna and Breathing and Lasix

Myrna this week at vet getting updated blood work
After last week's Valentine's Day breathing issue, after we gave extra lasix to Myrna to combat what could be congestion, and after the vet eventually changed Myrna's lasix from 1/4 TID to QID, Myrna took a couple days to bounce back but by Sunday of last week, she was back to her usual energetic and alert self. And still seems to be. Handling extra lasix well. Blood work and urine sample this week showed no signs of any kidney or other issues. She'll have another blood check next month before seeing the cardiologist. The congestion may have been stress related and I think the source of stress was the stand mixer I used in the kitchen on that Monday and Tuesday prior to Valentine's Day. I used it off and on for two hrs. or so a day. It's rather loud. I used it also around Christmas and it was around that time she began to show signs of breathing issues. And that was when a visit to the cardiologist showed slight signs of congestion. We know her heart has grown 28 pts (however it's actually measured) since October (from 1.84 to 2.12.) I believe her heart is at the point where heavy, long term noise or stressful issues can no longer be tolerated, even if only a stand mixer.

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