Sunday, January 13, 2013

Update Cooper and Jimmy Stewart

The compounding pharmacy used a new chicken flavoring agent from a different pharmacy supply company to flavor Jimmy's compounded Prozac.  It worked! It doesn't burn (the one used in December had a spice in or additive that burned his mouth.)  The new formula doesn't burn.

Cooper's PTH is still zero which could be because his calcium level is still high although high normal at 11.8.  Both of his vets are concerned about the potential to develop anemia caused by low phosphorous but his blood count on the CBC blood panel is normal and shows no indication of anemia. Not sure what next steps should be but his calcium level is dropping slowly which is a great thing. He's showing no pathology signs of an inability to process Valium that he takes.  And the Valium helps him eat. So, so far, he's doing very well. 

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