Sunday, December 9, 2012

Baby Visits MSU Dental Tech

Last week, Baby saw Jean the wonderful dental tech at Michigan State Vet School. I had copies of Baby’s last blood work from October (MSU likes up to date blood work and October was close enough) and I had written a brief history of Baby’s health, including her teeth and history of UTIs.  I explained that Myrna was to see Internal Med and that I’d be in and out all day.  Jean whisked Baby away and said she’ll come find me and let me know where to find her if I needed her.

Baby lost another tooth due to resorption but otherwise she sailed through the teeth cleaning and anesthesia without incident. When I checked on her, she was in post-op under the heat blanket and not looking too with it.  Later, she was still under the blanket but with a look that said “If I could kill you I would.”   Eventually, by 4:30 she was ready to go and Jean brought her out to me.  Since coming home, she’s much more relaxed and much more active now that she’s had her bad tooth removed.  She’s on Clavamox for two weeks and her usual amount of Buprenex, although I did give her an afternoon dose for three days following surgery. 

If possible, you should visit Jean the dental tech at MSU if your cat or dog needs dental care. She's just a joy to work with.

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