Sunday, October 14, 2012

Short Bette Davis Update

Bette Davis Update:

Bette Davis keeping warm
With the increase amount of Buprenex since her September going out of the box, we have not seen any issues. She didn't have any blood, crystals, or bacteria in her urine in September.  But it could have been that her idiopathic cystitis was beginning to flare up and to cause pain.  We have been giving her Buprenex .20 in the a.m., .15 at lunch, and .20 at bedtime.  When we decreased the amount over last weekend due to a shortage of the prescription, she did go out of the box by Tuesday.  But now things are back to normal with a resuming of the appropriate medication levels. We will continue with the higher levels of Buprenex, and giving water in the food and by mouth. 

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