Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cooper Visits MSU for Parathyroid Scan

Cooper hiding under a towel while at MSU
Cooper at MSU

Last Thursday, Cooper, the cat with hypercalcemia, was again at Michigan State University vet school for more tests. They did a scan and found that the parathyroid has a small nodule. This should be the reason for his hypercalc. He might need an operation (about $4000.) However, the vet, in reading the research studies on hypercalc, said there is no mention of a cat with nearly zero phosphorous, zero PTH hormone, and hypercalcemia. Cats have always presented with high calc, high phos, and high or normal PTH. They know that the hormone tells the body to produce calcium and that a high level of calcium will tell the hormone to rest because it's not needed. Next steps: more fiber, feed fiber food called W/D by Science Diet. Stop magnesium and potassium supplements. Continue water in food and by mouth (we give 3ccs in each three times a day.) Check phos, calc, and PTH in a month. Continue to monitor. Give drugs to help body get rid of calc if diet changes do not work. Possibly have surgery in 6-12 months if there are major changes or if the diet/drugs do not work. Drugs and surgery have their risks as does letting the calcium continue to climb. I'll keep you up to date.

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