Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valium, Myrna, and the Saga Continues

Myrna washing Jimmy in the warmth of an unusual warm Jan. day
Myrna, Myrna, Myrna. Well-as we found with Prozac and Jimmy (for inappropriate elimination), Valium and Myrna doesn't mean complete success. I tallied the incidences for January and there's a slight increase in the out of the box uses w/Valium vs. Buprenex in December. However, she's much calmer in general with Valium. It's just that she still goes from time to time-maybe once a day or not if we're lucky-out of the box. She goes in the box in the a.m. just fine. It's the afternoon stretch into the evening that we begin to not see a box use and see or smell a sign of an accident. However, since the Valium makes her less anxious, it does keep her from spraying whenever she's nervous and going every hour.  She only goes now every 3-4 hours unless she's down for a long afternoon nap and when she goes she has a large amount to lose (but not an enormous amount and the bladder's not blow up.)  At least we can more often than not time when she needs to go. And she's up to 1/2 tab a day now (1 mg.) and tolerating it well. I hope we can stop there. 

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