Friday, January 20, 2012

Valium and Lasik-Myrna's Ongoing Litterbox Saga

So Myrna hit a tolerance to Valium and has begun to go out of the box again. We must watch, time her going, and take her to the box for treat time to see if we can coax her to go-when we are lucky enough to catch her need to go. We began w/1/16 a day; then 1/16 twice; then 1/16 three times. 

So, today I gave her 1/4 or .5 first thing in the a.m. She ran around for 2 hrs, then finally used the box, then finally settled down, then it was nap time. I researched the med: Valium is a GABA enhancer-inhibits firing of neurons so allows for a calming effect (if I understand it correctly and it's more complicated than that.) Lasik on the other hand, is a GABA blocker. If I understand this correctly, lasik could be contributing to her issue. After all, it increases the need to urinate. But it could also be causing a hypersensitive feeling to discomfort and not allowing any pain/discomfort relief to come about naturally or with the Valium. It also-by making her go all the time-runs the Valium through her faster than normal. Also, acidic foods increase absorbtion and elimination of Valium. She's on Methigel and SO for urine issues. Those are acidic. We may need to change the diet a tad. 

She must continue the lasik because she needs it and increase Valium over time if possible. There's one med she might be able to try and that's Buspar but that is contraindicated with heart disease because of the sedation effect on the body.

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