Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Valium for HCM Cats and Inappropriate Elimination

Myrna with her Christmas scarf
Myrna Loy's inappropriate elimination issue isn't under control. We've tried Buprenex, treat time, behavioral training, meds when she had crystals, SO wet food, no other wet food, dry CD, few treats, etc. To no avail. It gets better for days, then she has an incident. For whatever reason, there were two last week, three on Christmas, and two overnight.

She went to the vet and all's well. After more research, discussing it w/our very knowledgeable pharmacist, a human cardiologist, her vet cardio, and her regular vet, we've decided to try Valium which has little interaction with her condition, non negative with her heart meds, and is an anti-anxiety med. She's off Buprenex. We will see how she does on Valium. Started with 1/16 of a 2 mg tab today.  She was a bit buzzed, then a bit confused, and now a bit sleepy.

This may take awhile and behavioral training will still be needed.  The only other option is to take her off Plavix, put her on aspirin, and then begin Prozac. This would be because-per research and FDA warnings-Plavix's blood thinning properties are negated by Prozac (and other drugs such as Prilosec.)  If on Prozac and Plavix, she runs the risk of creating clots that could move to parts of her body and she could have a heart attack.  The blood thinning properties of aspirin are not negated by Prozac but for her condition, aspirin may not be sufficient as a blood thinner.  I'd rather save her life and put up with out of the box issues. Except, lately, it's been too much, too often, and on too many odd places. Hence, the Valium. 

Let me know if your cat's on Valium for any reason and how it is doing.


  1. I would also like to know anyone's comments on Valium as an option. My cat has been on Prozac for around 3 years for anxiety / out of box and has never gone out of litter. I have tried to take him off Prozac before only to find a month or so off he will urinate out of llitter again...he has only today been diagnosed with HCM after his first spell last night...he is 7. The caridiologist said its ok to continue Prozac with his Plavix but I will ask at my follow up appt in 3 days after reading your findings! Thanks for the heads up. For the short term - like you - I will cease Prozac and just deal with the out of litter urination as/when it happens - I agree I'd rather have him alive and stinking up my house, than not being in my life at all :) much appreciated I have fund your blog and Facebook page VERY encouraging after only finding out he has HCM today :(

  2. Search the Archives of this blog and the corresponding Facebook page. FDA issues a warming in '09 that patients using Plavix cannot use Prozac. Prozac negates a CP enzyme that Plavix needs to thin the blood and do what Plavix does. W/out the enzyme activated, Plavix will not keep the blood thin, prevent clots, prevent heart attacks. You'll need to wean the cat off of Prozac. The only other option would be to use aspirin and Prozac but if the cat needs Plavix, you can't use Prozac. But you can use Valium. Wean the cat off of Prozac for a few days or a weak (bring down the dose daily.) There might be incidents. But then start the cat on Valium. It's working for Myrna. Take a 2 mg tab (for example) cut it into quarters and the quarter into an 1/8. Start w/a low dose and move up from there. So far, 1/8 of a dose a day works for Myrna. Starting low allows us to move up as needed in the future. There are things to watch out for-inability to urinate, loose bowls, agitation, anger, etc. Or it could just work. The Prozac will be in the blood stream for a few days after you discontinue it so you need to watch for negative side effects such as being tired. Just give it time and see how it all plays out. Good luck!