Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Update on Katharine Hepburn

So, Katharine went to the ER Sunday night after vomiting up huge volumes of water and blood. Then she went back to the vet Monday because she wasn't eating and not showing any signs of recovering. They gave her more sub-q liquids and a medicine to calm her stomach (it works like Alka Seltzer-put the pill in a syringe, fill with water, and it dissovles while fizzing.) I also gave her, from time to time, about 6 ccs of tuna juice, corn syrup (a drop or two), a bit of AD wet food, and water, mixed well together and fed to her via syringe into her mouth.

The vet called Tuesday to see how she was doing and I said she hadn't improved. It appeared that her mouth was still a bit red and sore from all the constant vomiting on Sunday and that eating hurt and that was why I thought she didn't want to eat. She was of course, still sleeping a lot.  The vet suggested that, instead of introducing another medicine (an antibiotic-to cure the inflammation) that could upset her stomach even more, that I give her .25 of Buprenex which I have on hand since I'm giving it to some of the others for their idiopathic cystisis and to Myrna Loy, the HCM cat. The vet also said that if she does not begin eating by Wednesday, that on Wednesday she will need to have a barium test done. Barium is a radioactive liquid that she would swallow and it would allow the xrays to see if the liquid is able to pass through her system or if there is a blockage.

So, Katharine began receiving on Tuesday the Buprenex,  the stomach meds, lysine, laxatone (because she's not passed a BM yet), and some food via syringe into her mouth.   By 7 p.m. she perked up and began eating only small bites of dry food. But she was also out of bed and wanting attention. 

Today, Wednesday, she received more of the same by mouth and she came downstairs to eat with the others. And she wants more time and attention and she's sleeping much less.  She's not eating a lot but that is slowly picking up. She is keeping it all down.

Sleeping Katharine  Hepburn
So, for now, she just needs time and nurishment. She may still need the test but that doesn't seem as urgent now.


  1. Hello
    My 17 year old cat has HCM (has cardiologist etc etc did ultrasound to confirm) also.Only symptoms was a very strange sounding cough in August which turned out to be due to fluid in his he's been on lasix (subcutaneous) and pill form,plavix and fortekor since then and a potassium supplement.His resp is 22 bpm.Im gradually reducing the lasix since he hasn't had any coughing problems in 2 months.I found the lasix very constipating on him..since it removes fluids from the colon,,,i tried lactulose but that made him nauseous and weak.laxtone didn't help.
    Finally I tried a small amount of Miralax and it worked wonderfully and he is regular.The cardiologist admitted knowing little about laxatives for i was on my own on that one
    His only problem now is overall loss of muscle mass.His renal function is fine,bloods fine,...they don't know the cause...i think it's the lasix but they don't know,,,it only happened when he started the meds so its gotta be one of them...neurologist says its just weakeness nothing neurological,,,and so it goes...
    My cat had IBD and colitis years ago so he needs a special diet
    Im feeding my cat Z/D hyperallergenic canned since he is allergic to everything else.I put it in the blender ,add water till its almost soup and then feed him with my finger,,,he licks it ... i also syringe water into him when he doesnt drink
    Because my cat is allergic to many foods feeding him any other canned food especially fish etc,,,triggers a heart coughing attack.If the cat is allergic to the food it triggers the release of histamine from the cat.Histamine causes a change,increase in the heart beat arrythmia and thus he has an attack.It took me along time to figure this out.I noticed his heavy breathing and coughing always happened about 10 minutes after feeding him regular cat food such as Wellness,didnt matter the brand or flavor.He would start scratching after feeding and then he would start coughing.The food didn't cause the heart disease.He already had that but that the release of histmaine acted like a trigger bringing on the attack.Anyway after switching to the ZD hypoallergenic wet food he hasn't had any attacks. But then I still have to continue his meds.If i stop the lasix he will get fluid in his lungs
    Oh BTW CoQ10 does work but unfortunately not the supplements,the reason being its not absorbed by the digestive tract so even though studies have shown that it is beneficial it is only the COQ10 the body manufactures itself that is of benefit.people taking lipitor usually have low CoQ10 because the lipitor interferes with the bodys manufacture of they try supplements
    People who sell supplements never mention that,about the absorption problem with Co enzyme,,they simply say it helps the heart which is true but all u r doing is making nice urine with Q10 in it...having said that I think i will try it :) ...cant hurt
    ...meanwhile my cat is stable but seems to be losing muscle im reducing his lasix tiny amounts...

  2. How is your cat doing? If there is congestion in the lungs, the cat will need lasix but the water by mouth and in the food should help and the laxative supplement will help.