Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poducts and Pictures from St. Louis Vet Conference

Vendor hall

Inside vendor hall St. Louis vet conference

Freebies! Left-plaque remover for pets; urine-away by Felawy; and Senior cat litter by makers of Prescious Cat litter-crystals that don't stick to cats. 

Gets rid of plaque on pets' teeth. Good option for pets who cannot get anesthsia for dental cleaning.

New harness/leash set-hooks around chest not neck. More comfortable.

Doggie was free; clicker is for cat training; blue disc is a treat toy-put in treats; cats are suppose to play w/it and get out treats.

New sand like urine sample collection process-put sand in box; cat goes on it; urine stands on sand instead of sinks in.
Good source of nutrition for cats who are ill, recovering, etc. Might also be good for feeding tubes.

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Felaway has a "Dear Tabby" Facebook page

New procedure for sub-q fluids-put stent under skin along spine (no pain to pets) to give fluids. Good for those pets that need daily sub q. Makes it easier to do.

New urine tester in petrie dish. Colors tell you what infection urine has.

Fish oil refined. Doesn't smell like fish. Tastes better than fish oil capsules.

For dogs-socks. They're so cute! For all sizes. Wicks away moisture. Helps dogs to get traction on slippery floors. Protects from hot asphalt and concrete sidewalks.

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