Saturday, July 2, 2011

No Scent vs. Light Scents Soap and Litter for Cats

What do vets know-only what they've learned in school and what someone else has researched. I find if a vet hasn't seen it or was taught it or heard about the research, they won't believe a word you say about what you see regarding your cat.

They say that cats do not like scented litter.  But ours prefer the light scent of Fresh Step (but not the heavy scent of their lavender litter) over the unscented Precious Cat (although they will use it.) But the Fresh Step is used most often.

Also, the cats had grown to not like the litterboxes that were cleaned over the last few months with Dr. Bronner's organic soap.  They had begun to sniff the boxes and walk away and to check out each box before deciding that there were no other choices (except for the couple of cats we have which chose other places to go and not in the boxes-but I digress.)  So, I thought maybe the soap wasn't breaking down dirt as well.  Maybe the old soap doesn't have enough detergents in it to break down the dirt. So, I chose a light scented soap-by chance Palmolive. Voila!  The boxes came clean, the soap rinsed off well, and the boxes smelled fresh but did not have a heavy scent. Once filled with litter, the cats have used the boxes all week without fail (except those two exceptions who are getting better about using a litterbox.)

So, if your cats do not like the litter in the box, maybe the box isn't clean enough. Switch soaps. Keep it light, make sure it rinses well, and isn't harsh and toxic. After all, what do vets know-more than we do for sure. But they are not always right.

Three of our girls-Elizabeth, Myrna, Katharine on the window

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