Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today is Myrna's One Year Anniversary for the Disease HCM

Katharine H. to the left; Myrna to the right.

One year ago today, Myrna collapsed at 11:30 p.m. and was rushed to the ER where they found she had congestive heart failure.  They were able to stabilize her and the next day, one year ago tomorrow, she saw her cardiologist, Dr. DeSana, for the first time.  Today, she had a check up with Dr. DeSana and had great results.  The progression of the disease has plateaued.  There were no changes since June when we saw improvement.  The lungs are clear; breath rate normal; heart rate at 130 which is low but steady since April; and temp at 101.4-normal due to the daily dose of lysine she receives (her temp had been abnormally high as of July at nearly 103. Daily lysine for a month brought it down in August to 101.)  I noted that she seemed to sleep more and to be tired more but there's no cardiac reason for that.  The vet suggested she's just getting to be more of an adult and will rest more which is normal.  We will continue to monitor her for activity, breathing, and everything else.

Have I mentioned that it wasn't until June when she showed improvement that I finally was able to relax and not think about/worry about her condition all day, every day? I monitor her daily but I'm not anxious about her.  There's a vast difference.  If I'm more relaxed with and about her, she's more relaxed.

Here are the results:

Today's echocardiogram revealed that Myrna's hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is stable.  There has been no progression in left ventricular thickening or left atrial enlargement since her last echocardiogram in June, 2010.  Further, her radiographs did not reveal any evidence of congestive heart failure.  No changes in Myrna's medications are indicated at this time.

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