Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vitamins and the Heart Patient

I came across this article regarding studies that show COQ10 is a necessary vitamin supplement for patients with congestive heart disease and cardiomyopathy.   And this one on the use of vitamins.  And this article regarding taking Plavix and stomach medications.

Per the articles, patients on heart medications should take vitamin supplements and COQ10 supplements to replenish what the heart medications take away.  Apparently, heart medications strip the body of vitamins and supplements that the body needs, especially those that the heart needs to improve function.  I wondered if Myrna was given vitamins and COQ10, if there would be improvement in heart function.  I called the vet in May who said that she may take cat vitamins and that we may add COQ10 to her diet.  She wasn't sure if there would be improvement but that it would not hurt to try.  We tried fish oils (full of omega-3 that the heart needs) but the oil upset her stomach.  We bought Nature Made COQ10 100 mg capsules and poked a hole in one and added a tiny dollop to each of her three daily wet food servings.  A 100 mg can last all three meals.  When mixed into the food, she cannot detect it and will eat it.  We later tried another brand but that was too oily and she did not like the taste. 

We bought Excel cat vitamin gel and I give her an inch dollop each morning.  I also give her Viralys lysine gel each morning.  Lysine helps the body fight off the herpes virus which in cats, causes all sorts of minor but problematic illnesses like colds and eye infections.  Since the goal is to keep Myrna healthy and to improve the heart, fighting off any and all diseases would be beneficial for her. 

Finally, the article on Plavix shows that patients taking Plavix cannot also take stomach medications such as Prilosec because Prilosec stops an enzyme that causes stomach acid.  But it is this enzyme that is needed in order for Plavix to function.  Prilosec stops Plavix from preventing blood clots.  Therefore, patients on Plavix should not take stomach medications.  This is important for cats because the medications Myrna is on could one day lead to stomach acid.  But in order to prevent clots, we can never give her stomach medications.  If she gets acid reflux, we will have to find other ways to mitigate the situation.  For now, she is fine.

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  1. Hi,

    My name is Monika Woolsey. I am really enjoying your blog. My cat Rodeo was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy about a month ago and I really appreciate the detail you provide. Leaves me feeling like I am on the right track.

    I wanted to tell you about a couple of other supplements we're trying.

    I knew about melatonin from my professional work (I'm a dietitian specializing in hormones and stress) and with the blessing of the vet, am using it. Initially I wanted it for its antioxidant power, and I wrote the author of the article I found on it to confirm its safety in cats. He wrote me back to say not only is it safe, but it can be used in place of Plavix. So that's what we're doing. After that conversation I learned it also relaxes smooth muscle and therefore is a powerful antihypertensive. Rodeo started getting better when I doubled his melatonin dose the other day. I even caught him chasing his sister tonight. :)

    If you're interested in the articles for you and your vet, email me at with your email address. I am happy to share the information. It is well documented in the research.

    We are also supplementing with taurine. I asked the vet if Rodeo didn't need more since his heart is using more due to being hypermetabolic, and he said it wouldn't hurt to give him some. So I bought capsules at the health food store and give him 1/6 of the powder each day with his meds.

    By the way, I learned to crush his meds in a dish and pour Cat Sip over them. He was stressing too much when I tried to pill him. He actually waits by the fridge when he hears me crushing because he knows he's getting the Cat Sip which he loves. You can also use human Lactaid if you want, it is the same thing. Don't use Whiskas though, it contains corn syrup and trans fat which is horrible for any human or kitty heart, sick or healthy. :)

    I am going to get the CoQ 10 next. That is how I found your blog, looking for information on it.

    Take care, and thanks for all your work on this!

    Monika and Roddeo